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How much does it cost to build a custom van?

Our van builds start at 30k, not including the cost of the van. The price of your build is dependant on features, finishes and selected component. Please contact us to set up an estimate call.

How long does it take to build a van?

A full build takes a minimum of 16 weeks from when when your van arrives at our facility.

What is your current production schedule?

​We are accepting projects!

For partial work and component installs, we can usually get you in within 2-4 weeks.

With that said, there’s always exceptions in our schedule due to cancellations or delayed dealer deliveries. 

What models of vans do you work on?

Sprinter, Transit and Promaster. All lengths, all heights.

What kinds of financing options do you offer?

Currently we do not offer financing. We recommend talking with your auto dealership or checking out Lightstream Financing Options.

Do you sell the van too?

We do not currently sell vans. However, we have many resources available to help you locate and purchase a van. Just ask!

Do you have any finished vans for sale?

​Please check our Vans For Sale page to see the latest vans we have listed.

Can you help me with my DIY Build?

Yes. We love seeing what you’re building and helping you out where we can.
We offer consulting and planning services to help you get started. We can also take on parts of your build that you may not want to tackle or help you work through problems you may have run into.

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